6 Reasons to Rent a Villa in Turkey for Your Next Holiday

6 Reasons to Rent a Villa in Turkey for Your Next Holiday 1

Turkey is renowned as one of the most exotic places on earth, offering a rich history and some of the most beautiful places. The mixed culture of East and West makes Turkey a part where every traveler would like to participate. Pilgrims of religion, ancient civilizations, great beaches, and waterfront hotels all make the country a perfect holiday destination.


In recent years interest in villa rentals has been rapidly increasing in Turkey. This type of holiday, which has existed for a long time in the world, was not known by our people because it was not applied professionally in our country until a few years ago. Especially preferred in Europe and America, the villa rental system started by the demands of the tourists coming to our country, and it has become popular because of vacationers who want a vacation with their own rules, away from all-inclusive hotels or holiday complexes. Over time, rent a villa in Turkey options have increased; ultra-luxury villas, seaside villas, countryside villas, holiday apartments, and many more opportunities have emerged.

So, why should you stay in a rental villa during your holiday in Turkey?

These are the six reasons that will help you make a better choice.

1. A Private Villa Experience in Turkey is a Thousand Miles from the Hotel experience

When staying in a villa, there is a degree of personalization that hotels can not match. When renting your private villa, you have your hotel for your holiday rental.

2. Concierge Services: An Ease of Organisation From Start to Finish.

Do you ever feel like; there should be someone to organize all holiday plans while you sit back and relax? Instead of you sitting in front of the computer screen, spending hours struggling to book the right property, airport transfer, hire car, boat trips, etc., someone to plan your itinerary and organize your entire holiday from A to Z?

From itinerary planning to villa booking, boat trips to helicopter charter, here at Gocek Rentals, we offer full-suite, individually tailored, and customized on-demand concierge solutions for domestic and international guests 24/7, 365 days a year.

3. Turkey’s Rental Villas are Ideal for all Tastes.

Thankfully, Turkey is the country that holds all the answers, as its variety of lodgings is ideally suited to group travel, with villas catering for couples, families, large parties – and everything in between.

Whether searching for two or twelve bedrooms, rest safe knowing a property is tailored to your requirements. And for those special occasions.

4. Family-friendly Rental Villas in Turkey

Our villa specialists help to find the villa that suits each unique combination of each family’s ages, genders, and needs.

True luxury is the quality time you spend with the ones you love, and renting a villa here in Turkey creates some unforgettable moments of joy, relaxation, and privacy.

5. Booking a Villa in Turkey Made Easy

As the leading rent-a-villa company in Turkey, Gocek Rentals is proud to offer its guests an unbeatable level of customer service.

The essential service is curating the most stress-free booking experience, so if you are thinking about a villa, contact Gocek Rentals villa specialists with your date, the number of guests, and preferred location, and be safe in the knowledge of receiving the best available rates.

6. The Most Competitive Rates

The biggest misunderstanding in luxury holidays is the assumption that hotels offer the best deals. But hotels can never compete with the level of services provided or the giving rates of luxury villa rentals when traveling with groups or looking to book an extended stay. When it comes to couples, private holiday apartments would be the best choice, of course.

Here at Gocek Rentals, from luxury marina apartments to romantic forest cottages, many property options may be found at the most reasonable prices. At the same time, you can spend the most precious time with your beloved one. You will also save significantly on a hotel’s expensive charges for food, drink, laundry, and other amenities. Add to that the personalization, the exclusiveness of your home, and an unrivaled luxury travel experience.

Hopefully, those six reasons to rent a villa in Turkey presented by us made your mind clear about renting a holiday villa in Turkey for your next vacation; So you can experience what luxury living truly means.

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