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When you stay here, you will also have access to a large, communal pool and the other amenities of the gated community, including %75 discounted access to Blue Point Beach.

This is a simple and convenient Göcek rental option that will make you feel wondrously at home.

Designed by the world-renowned American company WATG, Portville Canal Side Villas is one of the most prestigious and stylishly designed sites in Gocek, Turkey. Located between D-Resort Hotel and D-Marin, the complex is especially appealing to sea and boat enthusiasts. It is located on 46 thousand m² of land nested with the sea. Portville Holiday Villas consists of 130 luxury villas. While 51 of them are surrounded by a long swimming pool that continues throughout the site, the other 79 villas have a sea connection with canals. Each villa surrounded by the pool has direct access to the pool from its garden.

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