About Us

Gocek Rentals is a leader vacation rentals company in Gocek, Turkey. As a full-service on-demand service fulfillment company, we provide world-class property, yachting, luxury concierge, capital management, investment and unique lifestyle management services.

​With our dedicated team of specialists, we indulge our guests’ demands right from the beginning to the very end of their Gocek experience.

At Gocek Rentals, we have an unwavering and unparalleled commitment to providing clients with exceptional service. Our guest’s privacy is our utmost priority. It is one of the reasons why we achieved remarkable customer satisfaction and loyalty since our brief history.

Our Mission

Generating exceptional value for our guests and the society as being the one-stop-shop of Gocek.​

Our Promise

Offering tailor-suit, remarkable customer experience with the highest privacy and intensive care.

Why choose us?

​Because, we have a wide range of Gocek Villas, Apartments, Yachts, Commercial Properties.As a result of having a big and trustworthy network of home and yacht owners in and about Gocek region, we are able to put a large variety of villas, apartments, cottages, commercial investment properties, yachts, gulets right into the market. Hence, we offer smart Gocek holiday rentals, boat hire and property sales solutions for every taste and budget.

Cost-efficiency is our main priority

As a result of working with a team of experts; we are able to offer high benefit-cost ratio rates in such a competitive market. Our offers are all including the cost of the stay in the apartments and villas, all utilities, bills, garden, and pool maintenance. Please remember that our full-service guest support is complimentary.

Exceptional tailor-made and privacy-oriented services

Our highly skilled and experienced specialist team work together for each and every guest’s inquiry exclusively in order to find the ideal holiday rentals, valuable investment properties, and lifestyle management solutions. Whether it is a premium Gocek Villa, a private apartment, a commercial property, a yacht charter or simply a rent-a-service, we are here to offer you your matching solution. Our company approach applies the core values of integrity, transparency, and unmatched work ethic to focus solely on providing the highest quality holiday rental and sales experiences both in finding a property and yachting.As a team of highly motivated specialists, we work very hard just to make sure that you get all the privacy, have all the comforts of your home and make the most of your holiday and investment. Remember, you can customize your experience the way that you want simply by sending us an inquiry for your specific requirements.​

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