Things to Consider When Buying a Villa

Villas have long been a preference for those seeking privacy and control over the maintenance and
renovation of their living space. But that’s not all; they are also seen as a sign of wealth and status.
Buyers can use their villa as their permanent residence, holiday home, or rental. Nevertheless, buying a
can be tricky if one isn’t informed of all the key points that could make their purchase worthwhile.

At Gocek Rentals, we believe in guiding our investors to make quality purchases that will stand the test
of time. So regardless of how big or small your budget may be, our list of things to consider when
buying a villa
will surely help guide you towards a secure investment.

Location Selection
Selecting the perfect location is paramount to ensuring your villa offers excellent comfort and safety.
While a villa in a secluded area sounds like a great idea, it is essential that it is not cut off from essential
facilities and the city center. In fact, research the location before your visit to know if there are any
security risks to be aware of.
Don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agents any questions you may have about the neighborhood of the
villa for sale. Carry out a thorough tour of the location and examine the area to have a clear
understanding of the environment and demographics of it. This way, you can be sure that the area
supports your lifestyle, so you won’t have to deal with any buyer’s remorse later.

Budget Determination
Most villas are premium builds, rigged with smart features that make living in them a hassle-free
experience. Bearing this in mind, you should plan your budget in a way to cover the cost of the property
without putting too much pressure on your finances.
If you are looking towards getting a home loan, connecting with a loan officer is ideal. They will guide
you in knowing exactly what documents you need and the loan that you qualify for. Remember that a
strategically located villa with robust construction will experience significant price appreciation in the
Ultimately, budget planning is crucial since, as a buyer, you don’t just want to afford the home but also
the furnishing costs and the paperwork that follows.

Infrastructure and Transportation
As a property buyer, one must never overlook the transportation and infrastructure aspects of any area.
Make sure that the options for a villa to buy are linked to reliable transportation services. Whether a villa is located in the city center or on the outskirts of the city, residents should be able to use various
transportation points to move around. The connectivity of the villa to various parts of the city can mean
impressive resale value for your villa.
Check to see if the villa’s location has access to nearby metro services. Ensure that the area boasts
hospitals, banks, supermarkets, and even social areas, so you have everything you need at your disposal.
To give an example, buying a villa in Gocek has become popular among investors as the area offers taxi
and minibus services to its inhabitants for easy travel. Dalaman Airport is also located here, allowing
investors to travel to other parts of Turkey.
Additionally, the infrastructure of the villa also holds great importance. Modern villas come equipped
with interior heating and cooling systems, private gardens, walkways, round-the-clock security, and
much more. So when you are hunting for your dream villa, make sure to explore such infrastructural
features to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Investment Potential
When buying a villa, research the investment potential of the location. To ensure the value of the
property increases, the area should experience regular improvements in infrastructure and undergo
constant development. The area should also have access to newer and better facilities to ensure your
villa always remains in demand.
Another way to get the most potential out of your investment is to purchase a villa for rental returns. In
this case, the villa must be situated near popular tourist locations or the city center to guarantee
enhanced profitability.

To Wrap It Up
A villa can be a relaxing retreat for some homeowners and a steady source of rental income for others.
In any case, investing in a villa without proper inspection may result in a fruitless investment and
significant financial losses. We hope our checklist of things to know before buying a villa guides you
every step of the way and helps you make the best purchase.

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