Rural and Forest Retreats: Luxury Holiday Cottages & Homes in Turkey

Changing world, demanding society, uncontrollable desires, tight schedules, stressful daily routines, opportunities, responsibilities… Can you hear your inner voice in this busy traffic and such a noisy environment? When was the last time you have a catch-up just with yourself on how you really are? When was the last time you listen to the nature; hear the voice of a rain drop, smell the grass and most importantly mirror yourself, gather your mind and body with full awareness in one piece? Time is up. Everything happens for a reason and as you are reading this article; be sure it is the right time for you to press pause on your life and have a break.

Balance Your Mind Body and Soul

Forest Holidays in Turkey

Today, #holiday no longer means just lying on the sun-bed at a beach resort all day long and doing nothing. Don’t get it wrong; we all love chilling on the beach watching the sun-set but when it comes to having a total #wellness experience, a #relaxation, a #rejuvenation; there is more than that. A healing, a transformation, an awakening especially if you want to recharge not just your body but your mind and soul as well. That’s the main idea behind the growing holiday understanding of recent times; #retreatholidays.

Discover New You within You

A retreat holiday ensures that you really take a break from the stresses and habits of your everyday life

and focus on re-balancing your #physical, #mental, and #spiritual #wellbeing instead. Once you are on tracks for your retreat holiday, you will discover what is within you, how your body reacts on each breath you take and how your body heals each time as you exhale. You would be spending your valuable vacation time with a huge range of divine healing programmes designed to help you improve your well-being such as #yoga, #meditation, #mindfulness practices, #breaththerapy, detoxification whether as a solo traveler or as a member of a group of like-minded wellness holiday lovers. Through a combination of exercise, activity and relaxation treatments, your natural balance will be re-aligned and your well-being will be significantly improved. Once you dig in to the nature; you will gain a new way of understanding life, nature and maybe new habits for your goodwill. That’s why benefits of a retreat holidays won’t be over at the end of your vacation. They generate long-term benefits, providing content, healthier and happier life to the participants. When the time is up; you will be ready fully charged to go back to your family and professional life with a clear mind, full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence again.

Finding the Best Retreat Holiday Alternatives

At Gocek Rentals; we solely focus-on offering tailor-suit vacation rental solutions in the most beautiful destination of Turkey; Göcek, Fethiye. We have guests coming from various different countries all around the world and our retreat holiday portfolio consists of a wide range of alternatives that would suit any taste or budget. As a team of experts; we work 7/24 in order to cater the needs of our guests providing a unique experience allowing you to combine adventure with wellness for a truly life changing journey.

Escape to a Sanctuary of Well-being in Butterflies & Dreams Luxury Holiday Cottages

Combined with tranquil surroundings and a picturesque nature with Gocek’s red pine forest; Butterflies & Dreams offers three cottage units as the perfect place for all kind of retreat and relaxation holidays to re-align your natural balance and focus on your mind, body and soul.

Built with the half-timber method and with up to 5m ceilings; tastefully decorated cottages can accommodate up to four people; two in the bedroom and two in the living room. Each cottage is fully equipped for your needs with an open kitchen in the living room, air-conditioning as one in the living room and one in the bedroom and hot water system throughout your stay.

Located in a very quiet forest area known as Peace Valley, all your needs are catered for by the security of a private development ensuring total relaxation. With its own swimming pool, landscaped gardens and an enveloping Mediterranean climate; Butterflies & Dreams is an ideal holiday rental for parties or retreat holiday groups of up to twelve people when three cottages are rented together.

Practice Yoga, Meditation, Detoxification, Breathe and Wellness Therapies

Overlooking the vista of pine, olive and fruit trees; Butterflies & Dreams with it’s chemical-free environment welcomes travelers around the globe who are looking for a healthy, organic and detox holiday. As the valley is known as one of the best ten yoga spots in the World and a favorite destination for lovers of mindfulness meditation, wellness therapies, breath therapies, detoxification therapies; there is an increasing demand for wellness holiday tourism in the region. Once you are on the site; you can come across and take part in the yoga, breath therapy, mindfulness meditation sessions while enjoying the serenity with like-minded people in the hearth of the #forest.

Harmonize with Crystal Clean Waters

As being a natural harbor located on the bay with surrounding numerous islands and hosting six world-class marinas; Gocek is one of the best spots for cruise travelers around the globe. Each and every visitor coming to the region look forward to spend at least a day in a motor-yacht exploring the hidden islands and coves while syncing with the peaceful nature. As being the number one one-stop-shop for rentals in Gocek; we proudly provide the best motor-yacht alternatives with the best rates.

Local Amenities

Only 35 minutes driving distance from Dalaman International Airport and 17 minutes to all attraction centers of Mediterranean’s beautiful town, Gocek; Butterflies & Dreams is an open gate from reality to fantasy. Those who wants to explore the surroundings can also enjoy the joy of shopping from local stores, tasting local cuisine, visiting six world-class marinas, beautiful countryside, historic and archaeological sites. And as in the beginning we mentioned; if you feel like sipping your cocktail while your feet touching the golden sand; there are various beach alternatives just driving distance away. In Butterflies & Dreams, you can live your retreat holiday experience without compromising from any of your desires.

Don’t Sacrifice, Buy it Now.

You are welcome to enrich your life, revitalize your mind, body and spirit with amazing natural integrity.

It is time to unplug from your routine.

It is your time to put your pieces together; to feel that wholeness.

Retreat yourself, retreat with style.

Call us and talk to one of our holiday rental specialists or send us an enquiry in order to arrange a tailor-made perfect retreat holiday now!