Rental Houses Near Forest in Gocek

It is rush hour in the city. You are tired of a busy day, hungry for the dinner and find yourself packed inside a bus or train sensing countless stranger’s elbow pressing against your backbone. Your body occupies space in the bus but your soul temporarily escaped for the sake of resisting this irritating environment. You experience the same scenario each and every day. How are you feeling and for how long can you stand for such a thing?

Forest Rental Houses Near Gocek

Why You Should Travel

Researchers have proved that repeated violation of personal space can alert the defence mechanism of your brain which results in feeling stressed. Also, factors like an unplanned interaction with strangers and coming under the city noise at some length bring chronic stress to the lives of city residences. On the other hand, living by the forest lowers blood pressure and reduce the cortisol level aka the stress hormone.

Soothe Your Mind, Body and Soul in the Forest

Gocek; famous with its magnificent crystal blue sea, green forests, numerous islands and bays is a popular holiday resort in the Mediterranean for those who are looking for an ultimate escape. Gocek is naturally protected from the winds thus is a natural harbour for sailors worldwide. With its rich flora and fauna, it is also one of the most favourite spots for nature lovers.

Gocek’s Natural Beauties

Due to the weather conditions of the region, the pine forest is the most common plantation in mountainsides while sweetgums, oakbrushes, acacias, shrubs, olive groves, strawberry trees, stalks, rosary trees, willow, laurels, wild pears and citrus trees are on the watersides.

Sweetgum (Liquidambar Orientalis) is one of the rare trees in the world and is commonly used in health and cosmetics industry. Sweetgum trees are said to have a history of more than 10 million years. This endemic tree flourishes only in a small part of California and Egean in the world.

More than hundred bird species can be seen in Gocek during the year such as rock eagles, hawks, water birds like seagulls, cormorants, forest birds like woodpeckers, hermit thrushes, titmouses and many other birds. Also, there are mountain goats, turquoises, deers, and wild goats across the area.

You can also see a great combination of white pine, black pine and red pines in harmony on the steep mountains of #Gocek.

Rent Villa in Gocek

As being the leader real estate company of Gocek; we have premium villas either for sale of for rent those are located in and overseeing the Fethiye Bay within the #forest. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday in the arms of nature; rental villas in the forest are absolutely the best holiday alternative for you. Here; you can enjoy the sounds of nature, birds singing, leaves touching each other with the smooth wind while watching the blend of green and blue in the canvas of nature.

Here at Gocek Rentals, we are dedicated to finding the ideal rental vacation villa for you. and your loved ones. Treat yourself with an amazing holiday in Gocek by renting one of our luxury houses near the forest for an unforgettable experience. Smell the pine fragrance in the air, eat organic food, walk in the heart of the forest with fresh oxygen filling your lungs and harmonize with nature. You will remember who you are in the state of mindfulness. Once you give your self this life-enhancing opportunity; you will understand why Forest holidays in Gocek is one of the most popular holiday alternatives in Turkey.

Contact us now and let us offer you the best holiday alternative to soothe your mind, body and soul!