Your Complete Home Renovation in Turkey

Your Complete Home Renovation in Turkey

Making your residence go through a complete home renovation is truly the best way to freshen up your surroundings. Renovations are ideal for changing up your home as your style and taste change, enabling you to enjoy every moment of living there.

Whether you want a massive remodeling or plan to limit your renovation to certain parts of your house, home renovations are a surefire way to spruce up your living space. Not to mention, a good home renovation can also help skyrocket your home’s value in the market. 

If you are eager to get your home renovated, stay with us till the end as we break down all the steps to a complete home renovation. 

How to Renovate a House?

Home renovations are a great choice for homeowners to improve their homes to better meet the changing demands of their lifestyle, such as an expanding family, etc. Others use it as a means of modernizing their home to enhance the residence’s functionality or even safety. 

However, there is one instance where renovations become compulsory, and that is when the interior of the home has some wear and tear or deterioration. 

In fact, carrying out regular checks and repairs can save homeowners from needing major, costly renovations in the long run. Follow the guide below to have a complete home renovation checklist.

Budget and Finance

Before you proceed with the renovation process, your budget and finances should be in place so you face no hassle. One of the best ways to determine the amount of money you need for your project is to do research. This will help you decide what you want to replace, remove, and upgrade in your home. 

Moreover, keeping your budget slightly higher than the costs required can help a lot! This will ensure you don’t run out of finances mid-renovation.

You can bring a financial planner on board too to discuss finances and the costs of your renovation.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is something that needs careful consideration to ensure the renovation project doesn’t get canceled or delayed. Depending on your municipality, you may require permission for even electrical wiring work. So, when property hunting, ensure that you select one that has all the permits in place. 

In addition to this, when getting ready to add extensions to a home or any other structural changes, it is ideal to confirm beforehand whether any more planning permits are needed. 

Connect with Professionals

How to Renovate a House

You can take on the responsibility of making small upgrades to your home. However, you should hire experienced individuals to carry out the large-scale improvements. The bigger the home renovation project, the better it is to contact the right professionals for each task. These include interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, etc. 

Take your time to work together with an architect on a detailed plan for the home renovation. Communicate your expectations to the builders you select, create a schedule, and establish the duration of the renovation project.

External Work

The next step on our full home renovation checklist is to create a list of all the work you want to get done on the exterior of the home. This will include tasks such as painting, repairing the roof by fixing or replacing its tiles, renewing the doors and windows, and even repairing the chimneys. 

Ensure you work with your contractor to create a schedule of works outlining all the external and internal works so everything remains in order. It will also ensure nothing goes out of the predetermined budget.

Internal Work

Just like the external work of the home, the internal work should also have a thorough work schedule. This essentially includes the remodeling of the inside of the home. It features tasks such as replacing the flooring, plumbing, wallpapering, plastering, bathroom installations, interior decor, etc. 

Your schedule for the internal work can facilitate the seamless completion of each task within the home. Furthermore, having an architect develop the plan for the renovation of the home’s interior can ensure you are left with a space you can get maximum use out of. 

Wrapping It Up

Getting your home renovated can help you make the most of the space available, and the list above can help you kick-start your journey to customize your home. 

Whether you are looking to get your house renovated, your apartment remodeled, or just make tiny changes to revitalize your space, Gocek Rentals is your solution! 

We deal in all kinds of renovation projects, whether it be for hotels, offices, or homes, and are one message away from enhancing the beauty of your living space.

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