Villa Construction Stages in Turkey

Villa Construction Stagess

A villa’s design and construction process from scratch may not be the easiest, but once completed, it can prove to be the finest investment you can ever make. Every step of this process has to be planned with meticulous detail for the final property to become your perfect sanctuary. 

Ultimately, a proper understanding of how the construction process works is key. This can contribute to helping you develop a premium-quality villa and prevent mishaps that cost time and money. So, let us take you through all the villa construction steps that can help you acquire the villa of your dreams!

Things to Consider in Villa Construction in Mugla

If you are planning on the construction of a villa project in Mugla, you have access to countless benefits, such as a balmy Mediterranean climate, marvelous panoramic views of nature, etc. This is what makes Mugle an optimal choice for homebuyers and holidaygoers alike. 

You can choose between the construction of a luxury villa with wide terraces, a family home with a private swimming pool, or detached villas to house tourists.

There is truly no limit to how you can go about the construction of the villa. What’s more, Mugle boasts stunning beaches, top-of-the-line restaurants, and ancient sites. This is what makes building your villa in Mugla a remarkable idea and ensures you never have a moment of boredom.  

Budget Planning in Villa Construction Stages

Budget Planning in Villa Construction

Budget planning isn’t just the first step; it is what can make or break your project. Construction and material costs can get expensive. You don’t want things to go out of budget and have to stop your construction midway. 

You should also expect to pay for building permits. This is why you must plan out the budget properly to ensure guaranteed success. 

You can sit down with a building estimator to calculate how much labor, machinery, and other resources will cost and if all this aligns with your budget. If your budget falls short, a loan is always an option. Ultimately, a well-planned budget will get you your desired outcome with ease. 

Villa Plot Selection

Plot selection for villa construction is key to constructing a villa that will only boost your property’s worth. The land you choose has to meet all of your requirements. This includes the size of the villa you want to build, the plot’s access to transportation services, markets, restaurants, parks, etc., and any other requirements you may have. You can contact real estate construction companies like ours to help you in your search. 

Villa Design and Planning

You will need the help of experts such as architects and civil engineers to plan the building and its design. You can have an in-depth discussion with your architect about how you want the layout of the villa to be, how many rooms you want, and other interior design features of your choice. 

Turkey has no shortage of exemplary architects, designers, and engineers to assist you in getting your custom-built villa. 

You can connect with our team at Gocek Rentals to help you get the best architects to work so we can help you design your bespoke home.

Rough Construction Phase

Rough Construction

The construction process of a villa begins with the rough construction phase. This stage will typically involve creating the foundation for the villa, laying down the columns and beams building the walls, completing the roofing, etc. The spaces for doors and windows are also carved out.

It is crucial that all the materials used during the construction phase are of the highest quality to result in a stronger build. Additionally, the contractors entrusted with the task of overseeing and planning the construction of this project should be highly experienced to ensure the structure’s maximum stability and durability. 

Finishing Construction Phase

Now that the frame of the villa is ready, the next phase is to wrap up the construction. Now, we can move towards taking care of the finishing touches to turn the building into a home. This phase includes laying the plumbing, taking care of the insulation, electrical wiring, and even the flooring. 

All this is then followed by the interior design stage. This has much to do with aesthetics, craftsmanship, and functionality coming together to boost the comfort and feel of the space. It is at this point that the painting, furnishing, carpentry, etc. are taken care of.
We hope this guide on the stages of villa construction in Turkey helped equip you with the right information. Whether you are on the lookout for a property to buy, a space to call home during your holidays, or a rental with superior facilities, Gocek Rentals is at your service!

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