Turkey’s Fascinating Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities

Attention time travelers, history enthusiasts, and anyone with an insatiable curiosity for stories wrapped in millennia-old stones – welcome to the historical goldmine that is Fethiye/Muğla! There is drama, romance, action, and the occasional ghost whispering an ancient secret (well, maybe not the ghost part). Ready to embark on an epic journey through the most spellbinding ancient cities in Turkey? Let’s go!

Pinara: Where Love Rocks, Literally!

pitara ()

Our first stop is Pinara, a city with a romantic heart carved into its rocks. Some call it nature’s love letter to history. If Mother Nature fancied time-traveling romances, this would indeed be her favorite spot.

The heart-shaped rock here is an Instagram-worthy sight. Yet, there is more to it than just a backdrop for your next profile picture. Exploring deeper, you will discover tombs, temples, and theater ruins, each with tales of love, longing, and legends. Did someone say perfect date spot? We think so!

Tlos: The Original “City of Heroes”


Forget Gotham, the original “City of Heroes” title belongs to Tlos! It is like ancient Marvel and DC collaborated on a city. Here, myth meets reality so seamlessly that you would expect to bump into a superhero or two while strolling through the ruins.

With remnants from the Lycian, Roman, and Ottoman eras, Tlos offers an architectural buffet. Of particular intrigue is the story of the hero Bellerophon and his horse, Pegasus. Yes, this is where the legendary tales took flight, quite literally!

Letoon: Dial L for Legendary!


If Letoon had a modern counterpart, it would be the red carpet at the Oscars. Everyone who was anyone in the celestial realm wanted to be seen here. As a sacred sanctuary, Letoon played host to the deities Leto, Artemis, and Apollo.
Along with its temples, Letoon’s ancient theatre is a relic that harks back to a time when the most viral thing was the latest theatrical play, not a cat video. Imagine the music, dance, and drama echoes reverberating under the starry Anatolian sky.

Xanthos: The Epic Tale of Resilience and Valour


Xanthos is the living embodiment of bittersweet tales. It witnessed highs and lows, from splendid victories to heart-wrenching self-sacrifices. The remains here represent a strongly independent city that would do anything to preserve its honor.

When you wander through the ruins, you will see inscriptions, tombs, and a blend of Lycian and Roman architecture that will remind you of the city’s glorious past. Yet, we would like to warn you. Xanthos’ rich history is so addictive you might just forget to check your watch!

Kayaköy: Ghost Town with a Heartbeat


Ever visited a ghost town? No, not the kind with tumbleweeds and eerie silences, but a place echoing stories of its once thriving community. Enter Kayaköy. It was once a thriving town, but today it only serves as a somber reminder of the passing of time.

As you walk through its empty streets, you will be taken back to a time of society, friendship, and a life that was simple yet meaningful. Without a doubt, this will be a moment that will live eternally in your soul.

That was quite a journey, wasn’t it? As we wind down our time-travel escapade through the Fethiye/Muğla region, it is evident that the tales of these ancient cities in Turkey are not just etched in stone but are imprinted on the very soul of Anatolia. The whispers of millennia-old legends, the awe-inspiring architecture, and the pulse of a civilization that once was beckon travelers to immerse themselves in stories as timeless as the ruins themselves.

If the history bug has bitten you and are itching for a journey that is equal parts informative, inspiring, and Instagrammable, Fethiye/Muğla’s ancient cities are where you should be headed next. With Gocek Rentals as your trusted guide, explore, experience, and etch memories of a lifetime. See you in the past!

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