Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Turkey

Let’s spill some tea: honeymoon in Turkey is the ultimate couple’s retreat that few talk about. If your ideal honeymoon is a delightful mix of sun-kissed beaches, historical escapades, lip-smacking kebabs, and some good old couple’s banter, guess what? Turkey is a perfect destination for you. Hang tight, lovebirds, as we unveil Turkey’s most romantic nooks and crannies!

Fethiye: Love at First Sight (Again!)


Honeymoon destinations in Turkey have many contenders, but Fethiye is like that high school heartthrob everyone secretly crushes on. Nestled in the picturesque realm of Muğla, this coastal charmer attracts you with shimmering bays, tales of ancient civilizations, and markets that, dare we say, might be more vibrant than your partner’s recounting of their bachelor party.

Our brand, Gocek Rentals, finds its roots in Fethiye, so forgive our overt bias. Can you resist a place where you can tandem paraglide off a mountain in the morning and laze around on Ölüdeniz Beach by afternoon? We thought so!

And if you are the kind of couple who takes ‘adventure’ quite literally, a dive into the Blue Cave will have you exploring marine life and maybe rediscovering why you both swiped right!

Göcek: Not Just a Pretty Name


If Fethiye is the heartthrob, Göcek is the girl next door you wish you had noticed earlier. Often labeled as Turkey’s yachting capital, this beauty is all about sailing, secret beaches, and seaside dinners that give a whole new meaning to the term ‘candle-lit.’

Are you wondering about a honeymoon in Turkey ideas Then picture this. You, your spouse, a private yacht, and the vast expanse of the Mediterranean. As the sun sets, the shimmering waters whisper tales of age-old romances. Quite the nautical dream, isn’t it?

While in Göcek, treat yourselves to the local hammams or Turkish baths. Believe us, it is like a spa day but with centuries of tradition behind it, and a lot more steam!

Marmaris: Party by Night, Romance by Day

For all the night owls who have just said ‘I do,’ Marmaris offers a medley of neon lights, groovy beats, and kebabs at 2 a.m. Because why not?

As dawn breaks, Marmaris transforms into one of the most serene honeymoon spots in Turkey. Golden beaches, hidden coves, and a seaside castle will make you feel like you are starring in your fairy tale.

Also, if your idea of bonding involves haggling, Marmaris bazaars offer a treasure trove of spices, textiles, and souvenirs. Protip: Playing ‘newlyweds’ might just get you that extra discount!

Bodrum: For the Royals in You!


Ever wanted to be king and queen, if only for a few days? Bodrum calls! With its majestic castle, ancient theaters, and luxury resorts, this town is about living the royal dream. Whether you are exploring underwater archaeological museums or simply sipping on Turkish wine, Bodrum promises a regal honeymoon experience.

By night, the town is abuzz with beach clubs, jazz bars, and romantic eateries. Whether you are a party lover or a quiet-dinner-by-the-sea couple, Bodrum has got you covered.

With its versatile charm, Turkey effortlessly woos every honeymooning couple. The blend of history, nature, adventure, and modern luxury makes it a go-to for those dreamy post-wedding days. Especially the Fethiye/Muğla region, which, with its perfect melange of traditions and thrills, is a clear favorite among those seeking the best honeymoon places in Turkey.

You know what they say, “Marriages are made in heaven!” How about honeymoons? Definitely in Turkey! While you are at it, swing by our Fethiye office, and we might just spill some more local secrets to make your Turkish escape unforgettable!

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