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Feel the cool touch of the breeze in your skin, smell the confluent sea salt with the fragrance of the oriental sweet-gum trees, witness the dance of the crystal blue sea with the pine green forests, catch the sight of many islands scattered around numerous bays of the Gulf of Fethiye and imagine yourself sailing freely, over-happily before the wind amongst them. Lastly; do it every day. We mean; buy a property in Gocek; the unspoilt precious holiday resort on the most beautiful stretch of coastline of Turkey!

Benefits of Buying a Property in Gocek

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Gocek is a little peaceful town situated in the Fethiye district of Turkey. It offers everything anyone would expect from a tourism destination but is much more tranquil that other areas of Turkey. It is a very popular destination for holiday makers from any nationality for ages and most of the vacationers finally end up buying a villa or an apartment to spend their holidays or to settle down for good. Below is a list of many reasons on why you should decide buying a property in Gocek.

Investing a Property in Gocek is Profitable

Turkey is a favorable tourism destination for every nationality therefore the demand for property for sale or rent is high. If you buy a property in Turkey, the profit comes along naturally. Investors make a high return-on-investment and it is one of the many reasons why people buy properties in Gocek.

Gocek is a Specially Protected Area

With its clean sea, golden coast, numerous islands, hidden bays, various historical places; Gocek is one of the most beautiful places to invest in Turkey. Gocek was specially protected by law in 1998. As a result of being declared as a specially protected area by General Directorate of Natural Assets Protection; Gocek is totally detoxified from the side-effects of urbanization, industrialization, tourism, irregular and unplanned residential development activities alike. This is why multi-storey buildings are not allowed. All buildings have to be two storey or below.

Pay Less for a Better Home Alternative

Prices of holiday properties such as luxury seafront villas, private holiday apartments in Gocek is noticeably lower in comparison to other countries with the same climate and conditions.

Earn Massive Income by Holiday Rentals

Property owners in Gocek make a massive amount of income and a reputable return on investment by renting their properties to vacationers as holiday rentals.

Indefinitely Protected Investment

The Fethiye-Gocek region is an exceptional natural marine. Port Municipality Marinas, D-Marin Gocek, Club Marina, Marinturk Gocek Village, Marinturk Gocek Exclusive and Skopea Marina are the world-class marinas currently hosted by this small village. By having numerous calm bays for safe sailing and yachting opportunities which are internationally recognized, Gocek stands out as the starting point for the most remarkable yachting route in the Mediterranean. One of the most dominating characteristics of Gocek is that it is situated in a private bay that is home to several harbours and coves.

Whether you join a day trip or hire a yacht, boats in the harbour offer a wide range of possibilities to suit every inclination and budget. To a large extent; as the economy of Gocek is mainly dependent on the marine environment; buying a villa or an apartment in Gocek would always be a naturally protected investment.

Pay Less for Living

Cost of living in Turkey is very low. Especially when you compare it with most European Countries; you can have better living standards by spending a noticeable less amount of money with the delight of the beauties of Gocek. Property taxes are also low in Turkey.

Evolving Economy

With one of the fastest growing economies in the world; Turkish property market is evolving constantly. With its strong economic growth, Turkey provides a safe place to property buyers for investing their money.

Convenient Location

Gocek is very convenient. Located on the highway between Dalaman and Fethiye; is only 22 km distance to Dalaman Airport and 170 km to Bodrum Airport. There are numerous domestic and international flights throughout the year from these airports.

With its six world-class marinas; Gocek is one of the most popular destination for sea lovers. Many vacationers travel Gocek by sea and turn their travel into a delight. Those who don’t prefer any of these travel alternatives can easily access to Gocek by bus from major cities of Turkey or travel by car. Since completion of the Gocek tunnel in 2006, the town has become a lot more accessible by car.

Excellent Climate

Climate in Gocek is inviting all year round. In winter; average temperature is 14C (57F). This is one of the attractive reasons for especially retired families who want to make the best of their monthly earnings by getting rid of heating expenses while living in Gocek. In the summer, the temperature can reach as high as 40C (104F) and it is rewarding for most people.

Eat Organic Live Long

Organic living in the hearth of nature is another benefit of daily Gocek routine. Being surrounded by pine, sweet gum, orange, fig and avacado trees; you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables straight from trees at the roadside. You can get natural yoghurt from locals and drink “Ayran”; a cooling healthy refresher drink made of natural yoghurt, water, ice, salt and some mint. It is a delicious detoxification during the warm sunny days. You can purchase organic meat, eggs, bread from local farms near by anytime. What would you ask more? It can’t be healthier!

Easy Access to Turkey’s Coastal Wonders

As being almost in the middle of the Agean and the Mediterranean; people living in Gocek can travel to the other popular holiday destinations of Turkey and Greece with ease. Just with a two and a half hours drive; you can visit Bodrum or Antalya or 4 hours of sailing to Rhodes; it only depends to the wind whether it is blowing to the east or to the west.

Easy Access to Community Areas

With only being 27 km to Fethiye; Gocek habitants can easily access to hospitals, schools, big shopping malls in only 20 minutes driving by car. You can mingle with the crowd any time without sacrificing from the comfort of living in a luxury quite seafront home.

Buy Holiday Home in Gocek Now

At Gocek Rentals; we solely focus on finding holiday homes in Gocek that would suit every taste and budget. Our tailor-suit services include but not limited to finding holiday homes for sale whether it is a luxury villa or a seafront private apartment or a cottage in the hearth of pine tree forests. We would be more than happy to help you turning your investment into a monthly income by finding you customers if you prefer renting your property as a holiday rental. We are here to discuss any questions that might arise in your mind; just give us a call and get your genuine answer promptly.

It’s time to get out-and-about to discover Gocek!

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